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tv   [untitled]    June 1, 2012 1:30pm-2:00pm PDT

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purchase and sale agreement in more detail. port will convey portions of seawall lot 351 from the trust under the terms of the psa. san francisco waterfront partners will forward their proceeds to the psa. set in the water from partners will develop the private improvement and record a parking covenant that permit restricts a portion of the parking garage. the trust exchange agreement, as mentioned, is with the state lands commission and the port and set forth the terms under which the state lands commission approves the trust exchange of the site. the maintenance agreement again guaranteeing, for 66 years, the census to waterfront partners will maintain and operate the open space improvements. the project documents have many guarantees, listing them here.
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significant guarantees included a guarantee as a $3 million land payment. guarantee of the replacement parking remedy, termination fee guarantee that obligates the developer to pay for a liquidated some of $250,000 should be dda and psa terminate before escrow. finally, completion guarantee for the lead-free public improvement. >> because of the competition from commuter parking in this area, parking for visitors is an important consideration for poor attendance in the ferry building and nearby areas of the northeast waterfront. since the opening of the ferry building, parking resources have been lost, including ferry plaza, and the july 2008 closure of the pier which had 40 spaces capacity. since the closure, the port has
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made many changes to parking in the vicinity, including expanding valet service in front of the ferry building, expanding the availability of street parking by adding additional spaces on davis street, moving farmers trucks off the streets, especially on washington street, and installing higher technology meters that allow for demand pricing and can control the demand and supply. several other parking resources are expected to go away in the near future, including parking surrounding the agriculture building, up to 72 spaces, and that is associated with the development of the downtown very terminal, and the redevelopment of 75 howard parking garage, which there is a speeded commercial development on that site which would eliminate up to 500 spaces. parking at ferry plaza, pier 1 have an average of building are all consistent policies in the waterfront plan to locate parking on the op plan side of the embarcadero.
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parking for the public and residents of the project will be provided in a parking garage on three levels below the proposed buildings that form the project southern edge. the proposed parking garage would include up to 389 spaces, including up to two her 55 public spaces to serve the very building area, on-site retail, and health club uses, and up to 127 spaces for residents. of the 255 public spaces, a maximum of 175 spaces will be reserved to serve the ferry building area, achieving a long- term solution to parking needs of the ferry building and other businesses in the area, as well as the central park and location for visitors to the northeastern waterfront. parking garage improve the visual quality of the waterfront area by locating underground all of the currently existing spaces on the surface of seawall lot 351.
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burke furthermore, the completion of the project -- after completion of the project -- excuse me. up to two years following the sale of the last residential condominium, the port will have the right to purchase a portion of the public parking garage, accommodating the less than 175 cars. convenient and efficient pedestrian access to the public parking garage would be through an elevator entrance along washington street, enter to the east of the residential lobby, and an elevator entrance. elevators would connected private residential underground garage to the ground and upper floors of the proposed residential buildings. vehicle access to the parking garage would be through a two-we ran directly off washington street west of the residential lobby entrance. the curb cut along the embarcadero would be eliminated, enhancing safety for bicyclists and pedestrians by removing conflicts.
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presented by vehicles that must cross the bike lanes. the project include 161 bicycle parking spaces and six cars share spaces that would be provided along with showers and lockers for bicyclists use, recognizing the bicyclists continuing emergence as a primary means of transit for area workers, visitors, and commuters. a parking agreement with the master tenet with the ferry building was executed in 2001 to provide parking spaces to visitors at the ferry building a number of locations including seawall lot 351 and the golden gate with a garage. given the ongoing retail business in the ferry building iraq, parking may be temporarily impacted during the construction of eight washington. as shown on the table, ports that is working with stakeholders such as the ferry building to maximize parking availability during construction and the bill port obligations under our parking
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agreement. staff has been discussing this proposal with the ferry building and is hopeful we can reach agreement for the interim parking needs and their long- term parking needs. i would now like to discuss project action recently taken by the city's planning commission and recreation and park commission. including certify the final eir, approving the general plan and zoning map and then to allow increased site, a conditional use permit pursuant to planning code, making determinations of consistency with the city's general plan, the joint adoption by the planning commission and rec and park commission of a resolution establishing an absolute commitment limit for shadows on the part, and making a shadow impact of termination after review and comment by the san francisco rec and parks apartment and this commission. in addition, the rec and park
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commission determined at its joint meeting with the planning commission and the shadows cast by the project on to the urban park will not be averse. based on detailed technical analysis, the additional new shadow is very small, and approximately 0.0067% of the total annual available sunlight for the park. the amount of new shadow would not significantly -- would not be significant, and a new shadow cast by the project would not adversely affect the use of the park and its facilities. as a lead agency for completing environmental review press -- complying with ceqa, before you is the final eir. before the port commission can improve the 8 washington project, it must review and consider the information in the
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certified final eir and approved findings in accordance with ceqa findings. ceqa findings are provided as an " attachment to the port resolution 12-46, and describes the project and final eir completions regarding the projects it significant environmental impact, required mitigation measures come alternative measure and study in eir, reasons for rejecting eir alternatives, and selecting a project, an overriding consideration that outweigh any significant or environmental affects the cannot be met -- remedied by measures. as described in the ceqa findings, the product has been refined to reduce the number of condominium units from 145 units to 134 units with a commensurate reduction in vehicle spaces for the residents of the project from 145 to 127 because spaces, and the addition of one and a 34 bicycle spaces for the residents, in addition to 27
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bicycle spaces for commuters. the bar mental effects of this program are just in the project variant impact analysis in the final eir. the required mitigation measures to reduce it significant environmental effects of the project are the same as for the project variant presented in them mitigation monitoring program, which is provided in the attachment. the mmrp describes each measure how it can be committed by the sponsor of the port or other agencies or parties. the ceqa findings conclude that with implementation of the required feasible mitigation measures, all significant affects on the environment from implementation of the project would be eliminated or substantially lessened. all mitigation measures identified in the final eir that are applicable to the project are contained in the mmrp and recommended for adoption. in approving the ceqa findings,
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the port commission determines any remaining significant effects on the environment found to be unavoidable are acceptable to two specific or writing, economic, technical, legal, social, and other considerations scribed below under conclusions and staff recommendations. a brief overview of project benefits to the city and region. the project has housing, new housing for the city, 134 units, the project also funds affordable housing. $8.6 million will be paid as an in mou payment to the city's mayor's office of housing. additionally, the developer is contributing $2.2 million to fund -- an additional $2.2 million to fund housing in the city. the project has parks and open space, as discussed previously. new neighborhood serving retail
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uses. the product really improved transportation, pedestrian circulation improvement on the site that are currently blocked. and the project has high land use and urban design elements that redevelopment underutilized until sites currently consisting of a surface parking lot and a health club surrounded by a chain-link fence. finally, the product as the economic impact, including 250 construction jobs and 140 permanent employment opportunities supporting the new commercial uses. credit benefits specific to the port include -- continuing the ports effort that began with the ferry building, pier 1, to revitalize the waterfront and realize the vision of the port's waterfront land use plan, the
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pacific avenue corridor that will be reopened, substantial benefits including onetime payments and ongoing payments, revenue from the infrastructure financing district as proposed as part of this project, underground parking facilities, including no less than 175 public parking spaces, a widening walkway, a distinctive waterfront design and presence, and a destination that appears to residents of san francisco and the bay, as well as visitors to outside the region. removal of the only curb cut on the inland side of the embarcadero between king and base streets, and a design that complements the national historic district. today's hearing is a major step forward in the continuing process of transforming the waterfront to the vision of the waterfront land use plan. the benefits of having this
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active new use on the waterfront will be enjoyed by many generations by residents and visitors alike. additionally, the product will generate stable and new revenues to the city and the region and pork. should you prove the product before you today, the following additional approvals must be obtained before the port will convey the transaction documents and before construction can proceed. these include state plan's approval of the trust's exchange agreement, approval by the board of supervisors of the lease, purchase and sale agreement, exchange agreement, made this agreement, the issuance of building permits that allows construction to permit. beginning with the 2008 request for proposals, on the poor, working with this development partner, the city, regulatory agencies, and numerous stakeholders, has diligently pursued and shepherded the development of seawall lot 351. because of the importance of this site to the port and city, agreements before the port
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commission and public contained particular provisions to ensure excellence and integrity of design, construction, and management are part of it for this highly valuable location. through the provision of market break and affordable housing, knew parks, expanded open space, retail, and inappropriate amount of on-site parking, seawall lot 351 project completes the vision for the ferry building waterfront area carefully delineated in a plan in the waterfront land use plan and so well expressed by the public- private investments of recent years at the ferry building, pier 1, pierce one-and-a-half, 5, 7, and a marketer roadway. it is a greater respect for these republicans. park staff respectfully requests that you adopt the ceqa findings before you, that you adopt the mitigation and improvement measures and a mitigation monitoring and reporting program, and finally that you approve the transaction documents and a schematic
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drawings and has it has been a privilege to serve as project manager on this project and i would like to take a moment to recognize the many dedicated people that have -- i have had a plan to work with, posturing and nurturing the vision for seawall lot 351, from port staff director moyer, byron rhett, diane, brad benson, and catherine. collectively and tirelessly have shaped this project. from city planning, director ram, bill, kevin, paul, have been outstanding professional colleagues. from the recreation and parks department, lisa beyer, explain the nuances of shadow balances. then there is our development partners, san francisco waterfront partners led by simon
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and alicia, and their pets standing team. thank you for your consideration of this proposal before you today. i am available to answer any questions you might have. >> thank you. can i have a motion to approve? >> so moved. >> public comment? we do have quite a bit of public comment. jon casey. >> good afternoon, commissioners. my name is john casey. i am a long-term resident of san francisco, although i am not a native. i am here to support 8 washington, because of the many
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public benefits it offers. earlier this month, i sat through the supervisors hearing. i arrive promptly at 1:30 expecting to be out of their at maybe 3:00 -- we will be out of there at 5:00. and then at 8:00 -- finally, it ended after midnight. fortunately, we kind of got what we wanted. but i wanted to say, listening to so many things -- i am not a young man. i listened to so many people who objected to this project, due to the fact that their health was not good, the swimming pool was there, the tennis courts were their and their arthritis would be helped -- on and on. i thought, we have got to look at the good of the city here. having lived here all these
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years, thank goodness the embarcadero freeway is gone. union square has been rebuilt the beautifully. stuart streets. all these things have happened over the objections of many people. one thing that did not change was the building of the cable car -- rebuilding of the cable cars. gentlemen, this is not a cable car proposal. simply, the children who we have talked about, we have been told have the opportunity to go to day camp there at $100 a day right now, or you can be a member of the club for $5,000. maybe that is not true. anyway, the port will receive $100 million here. there will be a bigger and better outdoor pool and a new fed is building.
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>> richard. >> can we just ask that whoever's lord keeps going off that you turn it off? >> thank you for the opportunity to speak on behalf of the 8 washington project. i have been a member of the athletic club for quite some time. i have used the tennis courts but i'm speaking for the project. i also have a law office close to pier 31, but i am too lazy to walk. i use that parking lot that is currently open to the public. so i have a stake in the current position of the status quo, and what changes might be made. it appears to me, based on what i have seen and heard, the
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proposal about the specific waterfront partners and port is a vast improvement over the parking lots and tennis courts that now occupy the site. based on the work of this same team -- and this side has been virtually the same for the last 40 years -- the question is, will it stand for another 40 years, as it is now in its current devolving state? based on the work of the same team across the street, i do not see it is much of a question about the kind of product they can and have produced to introduce a certain quality to the street. as the port staff has concluded, there are a substantial amount of funds that will be brought to the port and city, money that can be used to help other products on the waterfront. the opponents spin on this
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project has been that it is just for the 1%. the implication is that the status quo has been for the underprivileged. this is hardly the case. you have just heard some indication about that. the current situation is a private tennis court, a private parking, -- i would just end as johnnie cochran might. the status quo have to go. >> thank you. after paul, alan mark. >> i am just a major that -- neighbor that lives along the waterfront that became interested in this about a year- and-a-half ago. i have attended a number of these sessions. i was very open-minded and remain so, but i do believe 8 washington is the right project, this is the right time, and we are stepping all over each other. we need to move forward with this. this is a good project for the
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city of san francisco. thank you. >> after alan mark, danny campbell. >> thank you, commissioners. i am a key part of the business focusing research on residential housing in san francisco. right now, the drop in four states -- new for sale housing has been 70% since the peak in 2007. by the end of the year, the drop will be 80%. first quarter next year, up to 90%. the great thing about this is that it offers a lot of benefits, but the salient benefits are, one, a brand-new park, two, no maintenance costs, three, $11 million toward affordable housing, and we know there is no redevelopment agency. and number four, really, the
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dilemma of the parking building. the staff has been planning for decades for the use of the waterfront. i think this project represents what has been intended and what was in mind. it would be a benefit -- an asset to the waterfront. it i strongly years the commissioners to support this, as i do. >> thank you. >> good afternoon. danny campbell, sheet metal workers. as i said before the board of supervisors. it was a great benefit to this
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city. on behalf of the sheet metal workers union, thank you. >> thank you. >> my name is janet. i am a bay area native and an 18-year president of san francisco. i have spoken at meetings and britain -- and written on letters. i asked my statement be made as part of the public record today. we have tried to explain to you that there are numerous reasons why the proposal is not in keeping with the cohesive vision of our unique and world famous waterfront area. we have explained how it will ruin an important and close-knit
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san francisco neighborhood and destroy the recreational community and its assets. a parking garages is not what a transit reached the city needs. -- a transit-rich city needs. the public has spoken loud and clear, but no one seems to be listening. we have tried to explain how there are alternatives that have no devastating impact on the area. we have explained why an exclusive and averages expensive residential housing does not comply with the public trust. you do not listen. we do not believe this is a good idea when you look at the details. it is illusory and much of the details have yet to be explained. but you do not listen. our lawyers have tried to explain how this proposal breaks past promises to the seasons of
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san francisco and why it should not be approved, but again, people do not listen. we have come to one conclusion, rather than engage in one more meeting and waste our breath where we speak and no one listens to my speak on behalf of f.o.g. and those who stand up and walkout and conserve our energy and strength in the next battle. please know that we are steadfast and have plenty of fight left to try to save the beautiful northern waterfront area before it is too late. thank you. >> marion wallace and after that korean woods. -- corrine woods. >> i am in over 30-year resident of san francisco. i am against the proposal. it it seems especially important
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to increase the height limit at the waterfront in -- imprudent to increase the height limit at the waterfront in san francisco. once you do, it seems another excuse to have an even taller development. this is dangerous for the waterfront. it also seems dangerous to plan and on land garage fell at the waterfront. that seems insane. how do they plan to uphold their agreements? what if it dissolves? there are already other opportunities in san francisco where the rent is too high and add that these trends are going to be too high, too. please come and vote against it. >> corrinne, and afterward, toby line -- levine.
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>> i have followed this project since the beginning. i went to every single community meeting on the northeast waterfront planning study. it is a tremendous project. the developer has done an excellent job of rethinking it in every way that needed to be done all the way along. let's move it forward. thank you. >> after tobey, michael mckenna. sorry, i think it toby is first. >> good afternoon, commissioners. once again, i am tobey levine. i'm very tired planning commissioner and during that
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time, i was also on the waterfront land use advisory board. during that time, we spent six years developing proposition "h" mandate to plan the waterfront. the plan was finally developed -- adopted by your commission in 1977. subsequently, advisory groups were established throughout the waterfront. i am currently the co-chair of the central waterfront advisory group. a lightcorrinne -- like corrinne, i have been following this project for years. it it seems like it is going to be a significant project for the port and it will be a beautiful addition to the waterfront. it does conform very readily with the land use plan. i have listed for you the public benefit